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Sheri Cook - Owner and Photographer

Welcome to my website! I am the owner and lead photographer of LaRueCherie Photography. I studied photography and graphic design at Rock Valley and Rasmussen Colleges.  I am always furthering my education by taking additional continuing education workshops, online courses, and honing my craft. I strive to use my creativity to create images that are one of a kind for each session, as well as images clients will absolutely love and cherish for years to come! It is my goal to help even the most camera shy individuals feel comfortable and beautiful in front of the camera, while making the experience fun for everyone!

Now enough of the typical bio stuff...Below are some random facts about me!

I have two awesome children. My youngest daughter is my photography muse. We  draw inspiration from each other. My oldest son has retired from his days behind the camera, but occasionally I manage to talk him into photos with Taco Bell bribes.

My amazing husband often assists me during sessions in addition to having a great career of his own. I am so thankful that he supports me in this passion.

Before discovering my love of photography, I considered being a writer, graphic artist, teacher, and stand-up comedian. They seem to tie into things that I enjoy doing most: creating, teaching, and making people laugh.

I can't really hold a note, but I enjoy karaoke with my friends.

And last, but not least, if you have read this far, I ABSOLUTELY love hiking, camping, and being outdoors.

Steven Cook - Owner and Marketing Guru

Steven Cook is part owner of LaRueCherie photography. He studied Political Science, Economics, and Philosophy at Rockford University, earning a Bachelor's of Science Degree. He has spent his post-college years as an entrepreneur, establishing three successful businesses in web design, marketing, social media, and the online gaming verticals. He is a natural baby and child "wrangler" who can get a smile out of any client.

So now here are some random facts about Steve:

Steven Cook enjoys golf.

He used to play soccer in College and is an avid fan of the sport.

He listens to motivational books almost daily to promote positive vibes 24/7.

He is extremely good looking, smart, awesome...oh wait, his wife is typing this part. ;-)

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