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Tip of the Day: Timing is Everything

Planning your Sunny SoCal Beach and Outdoor Session

A few times a week, I will post some tips to plan for your family session. Stay tuned for tomorrow's tip on what to wear.

Planning your family photos for the best time of day will add to the success of your outdoor session! As we all know, the sun is intense here, and they don't call it sunny SoCal for nothing. Although not all of my sessions can be scheduled at the perfect time of day due to family scheduling parameters or mother nature, many of them are. I personally love that dreamy lighting that the sun blesses upon us during the golden hour. When the sun is soft, it can make your skin look Ah-mazing, melting away fine lines, and giving your session that magical feel. I am not a big fan of sitting hours behind the computer photo-shopping skin because I know the sun and lens choice can truly be my best friend for the look I want to achieve...And I am not busting on using programs to enhance skin because they are essential to nearly all genres of photography and helpful tools. It is also much easier to focus on capturing true emotion while chasing around the youngest of family members, without worrying about blinding light, but instead beautiful light. This is especially important at the beach or where there is little cover.

If you don't have the availability for a session later in the day, opt for a morning session. Morning light is beautiful too!

Any great photographer knows how to work in different kinds of lighting, however, unlike wedding photography and other genres, there is more flexibility in planning for the best time of day so why not take advantage of it and make your session shine.

Sheri Jolie Photography

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